On Tuesday, April 27th Gekko Medical attended the HealthShare Victoria Evaluation Day for an assessment of the GeVentor Ventilator. HealthShare Victoria procures medical devices for Victoria’s public health services and manages the state-wide supply chain for consumables. This evaluation was conducted by professionals from the healthcare system. 

The Gekko Medical team gave a presentation on the short history of the GeVentor and an overview of the device’s functionality to stakeholders from the government, clinicians, and nurses that attended. After a short Q&A, the GeVentor went through a variety of planned functional tests related to the intended use. Gekko Medical received positive feedback on the GeVentor and continues to look for opportunities to demonstrate the ease of use and robustness of the ventilator. 

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Download Python Brochure


The brochure contains details on the following:

- Python Environomics

- Potential Mine Cost Savings

- Successful Python Installation Steps

- State of the Art Design

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Download GeVentor Brochure

Information included is:

- Key design facts

- Operating principles

- Unit features and control

- Preliminary ventilator comparison

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