Gekko Medical is delighted to announce that 6 GeVentor units have been delivered to Tasmania
through a purchase from the Elphinstone Group. The Elphinstone Group, a significant shareholder in
the Gekko Group of companies, was a key contributor to Gekko Medical in the early stages of the
creation of the GeVentor, as this is one of the initial orders that went through the qualified
manufacturing process and dispatched under the COVID-19 exemption letter.

Pictured from left to right: Andrew Edmondston, Dale Elphinstone, Sandy Gray, Minister Roger Jaensch, Professor Robert Fassett, Dr Serhzad Kunwar

Gekko Medical will be delivering the ventilators to the Elphinstone Group, who will in turn donate
them to the Department of Health for use in Tasmanian hospitals, to help solidify their stockpile of
medical devices for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 emergencies. The units are designed for use in a
hospital’s intensive Care Unit.

Background Gekko
Gekko is a company based in Ballarat, Australia, with an international reputation for innovation. It has
welcomed the challenge of creating a solution to the increased requirement for invasive ventilators
worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This successful, agile innovator and manufacturer
has adapted quickly to develop the fit-for-purpose GeVentor GEV019 ventilator, working closely with
local, but globally experienced, clinicians and researchers and in collaboration with other Victorian
and Australian organisations and medical experts.

GeVentor Information
Simple, robust and reliable, the GeVentor ventilator is more affordable and portable than existing
units on the market, and it’s ruggedized design makes the GeVentor ideal for medical centres, field
hospitals, and ICU wards in developing nations, while also offering world-class efficacy.
The unit has attracted interest from humanitarian organisations that aim to supply ventilators to
developing countries, with the affordability and sturdy construction of the GeVentor of particular
benefit in these settings.


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Download GeVentor Brochure

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- Preliminary ventilator comparison

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