Introducing GeVentor

  • Australian designed and manufactured ventilator for COVID-19
  • Developed with globally experienced clinicians and researchers
  • Easy to use, the unit has simple start up procedures but with additional, more sophisticated, functionality
  • Highly robust unit, can be transported and used in regional and more remote environments

A group of collaborators in Ballarat have formed a response group seeking to both deliver a viable and suitable invasive ventilator for use in Victorian and other medical/response facilities.

The ‘GeVentor” developed by Gekko’s technical director, Sandy Gray, has been designed in conjunction with local Anaesthetist Doug Paxton:

“I support the development of an additional stream of healthcare equipment in face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are at the point in this world-wide catastrophe that we will need to think outside the box. Traditional suppliers and manufactures may not be able to cope with the unprecedented need for intensive care equipment in the time frame predicted.”

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Unit features and control:


While not as sophisticated as the “top end” ventilators this unit will provide an adjustable resistance, compliance and expiration cycle. The unit uses a set pressure hold and variable flow control to operate. Using easy to train principles, ICU operators would utilise the device primarily by pre-setting the I:E (inspiration:expiration) timers and then adjusting oxygen/air (FiO2) mix as required. Selecting either Volume Controlled or Pressure/hold function.

Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC) will be achieved through a series of regulators in the air and oxygen delivery systems and timers in the electronics.

Plateau Pressure limit is set in the regulators and physically limited by overpressure valves. Dual pressure regulators in series ensure pressure spikes are not possible. Max pressure cut off will also be backed by a pressure sensor which senses max pressure set on the system which can also trigger inspiration – expiration in case of max volume being reached before the end of an inspiration cycle.

PEEP will be provided initially by off the shelf tested mechanical PEEP readily available. Setting from 5 – 25 cmH2O typical range. RMVS is typically set to a range of 1:1 but can be manipulated to any ratio desired in the normal range through the inspiration and expiration timers. Tidal Volume is  controllable from 200 – 800 mls through pressure and timers.

Power supply will be 240VAC @50Hz but variable input voltage acceptable. Gas supply to patient can be varied anywhere from 21% -100% oxygen. Initial checking of the oxygen ratio will be displayed on the front panel but confirmation will occur via patient response.

All systems will connect to standard 22mm OD standard connector systems. Patient mounted delivery systems will be mostly off the shelf style equipment. An HME filter will be fitted between the main drive unit and the patient. Capability for humidifier to be utilised in system. All large diameter (22mm) systems will be patient mounted with only small (<6mm) hoses running back to the main drive unit. Allowing for simple cleaning and low-cost disposal of connection equipment.

Suitable for remote conditions:

The GeVentor is designed to utilise very low oxygen consumption for inspiration only in order to conserve oxygen in remote sites. Extremely low power requirements mean the unit can be run from battery supply. Remote operations will be able to run on a car power supply for compressed air and electricity with an additional remote area kit.

The design has been reviewed by Dr. Doug Paxton, who played a crucial role in the development.

“The circuits are easy to use and with little training and information the ventilator can be used effectively for nearly all our patients taking a load off the clinician and the other ventilators in the system.”

Usability testing has been completed at Deakin University at the Ballarat Base Hospital:

Download Python Brochure


The brochure contains details on the following:

- Python Environomics

- Potential Mine Cost Savings

- Successful Python Installation Steps

- State of the Art Design

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Download GeVentor Brochure

Information included is:

- Key design facts

- Operating principles

- Unit features and control

- Preliminary ventilator comparison

Thank you for your interest in the GeVentor