Prior to Stage 3 lockdowns in Ballarat, the GeVentor underwent usability testing in collaboration with BIRCH, Deakin University, and anaesthetist Doug Paxton the medical training facility at Ballarat Base Hospital.

Simulation dummy, “Sim Man”, was used to provide a real-life responsive environment. Medical staff including ICU nurses were trained in the use of the GeVentor by Doug Paxton and then given various patient scenarios and asked to apply the GeVentor ventilator to respond to patient symptoms. The process both proved up the ease of use of the unit and provided some great insight into how the usability of the device could be streamlined.

Gekko Medical and our collaborators continue to work hard and are preparing for manufacturing to start. The collaboration group of organisations are keen to see this flexible and relatively sophisticated mandatory, invasive ventilator have the opportunity to save lives in a global humanitarian environment.

Download Python Brochure


The brochure contains details on the following:

- Python Environomics

- Potential Mine Cost Savings

- Successful Python Installation Steps

- State of the Art Design

Thank you for your interest in the Gekko Python

Download GeVentor Brochure

Information included is:

- Key design facts

- Operating principles

- Unit features and control

- Preliminary ventilator comparison

Thank you for your interest in the GeVentor