Gekko’s innovation and design team, led by Sandy Gray is delighted to announce that Gekko Medical has received an order from the Victorian State Government for 170 ventilators.

The order follows permission for the GeVentor to progress into manufacture. The GeVentor is the first ventilator to progress this far through the exemption process. Minister for Industry Support and Recovery Martin Pakula made the announcement this morning: “Creating a local ventilator industry in a matter of just months is testament to the excellence and agility of Victorian manufacturers.”


Download Python Brochure


The brochure contains details on the following:

- Python Environomics

- Potential Mine Cost Savings

- Successful Python Installation Steps

- State of the Art Design

Thank you for your interest in the Gekko Python

Download GeVentor Brochure

Information included is:

- Key design facts

- Operating principles

- Unit features and control

- Preliminary ventilator comparison

Thank you for your interest in the GeVentor